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Fear of Permanency: How To Push Past This Barrier + Keep Moving Forward

Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel is a bonus, solo segment of Switchback: An Outdoor Community Podcast. In these segments, I’ll be sharing more specifically about mental health- the bio-psycho-social issues that impact our daily lives, from my perspective as a humanistic mental health professional. My goal, like with the regular episodes, is to encourage you, challenge you to think deep, and reflect on your experiences.

In this episode Kelsee addresses a common barrier to moving forward: the fear of permanency and discusses the power of trusting that you can always change your mind.

She also announces the exciting rebrand of the show...introducing Evergreen Thinking with Kelsee, which will officially launch next episode. Be prepared for a new name, new artwork, and a refined vision, still with your favorite soothing podcast voice.

If you're all caught up on Switchback and looking for some other shows that hit on similar themes (aka meaningful conversation and outdoor inspiration) follow @plugtoneaudio on Instagram and Spotify to check out the other shows involved with Kelsee's podcast community. You'll love these insightful, adventurous, and hilarious folks as much as we do.

For more information about working with Kelsee as your counselor or coach, visit and on instagram @kelseekeitel and @hemlockcounselingservices

To get further connected with the Switchback Podcast, visit or follow @switchbackpod

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