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Five Conversations I Have Weekly As A Licensed Therapist

Clichés are clichés for a reason. They stick.

And while I wouldn't consider these topics necessarily cliché, when I notice a recurrence of something, I take note.

These are the 5 conversations I have weekly (sometimes even daily!!) in my practice as a licensed therapist. I hope that in sharing these conversations, you will feel a combination of validation, encouragement, challenge to edification, and an understanding that (if these topics resonate with you) these are COMMON and you are not alone in your experiences. Like I said...weekly, sometimes daily!!!

The Conversation topics include:

1. Urgency as the Enemy

2. Mind-Reading is NOT a superpower

3. Ignorance Truly is Bliss, but Insight is Power.

4. Its Not All About You (and that's a good thing)

5. Body-First-Regulation

⭐️BONUS: Fidget For Life.

In addition to these topics, this episode includes fun little life updates, my mountain bike trip to SLC, and a triathlon training update: how my first Olympic distance went, my new plan for training moving forward, how I'm engaging in the practice of taking my own advice/medicine.


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