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Journaling Jumpstart and Colorado Recap | Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel

Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel is a bonus, solo segment of Switchback: An Outdoor Community Podcast. In these segments, I’ll be sharing more specifically about mental health- the bio, psycho-social issues that impact our daily lives, from my perspective as a mental health professional. My goal, like with the regular episodes, is to encourage you, challenge you to think deep, and reflect on your experiences.

Royal Arch, Boulder CO, w/ my road trip friend Alanna

Windy Peak, Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Skypond Trail, RMNP

We're starting this one off with a little recap of my recent trip to Colorado. Then we're talking all things Journaling!

I'm sure you've been recommended by at least one person in your life (an influencer, a friend, family member, colleague, or even a therapist like me) to give journaling a try.

As I've been chatting with folks and reflecting on my own journey, I'm realizing that there is often a lot of barriers to entry (or to sustainability) when it comes to establishing a journaling practice. And I think that many of these barriers are a result of having a skewed idea of what journaling is "supposed" to look like.

In this episode we're breaking down these specific barriers, and completely dismantling the image of journaling that many of us have in our minds, and providing practical solutions to the hurdles that we experience with this helpful exercise. And if you experience any kind of ADHD symptoms, I'm sending some special love to you this week :)

To get the juices flowing, I'm providing you with a totally free but super valuable list of 33 of my favorite journaling prompts/exercises along with a recap of the anti-rules for journaling that we cover in this episode. All you gotta do is Subscribe To My Newsletter & the download is yours.

If you're all caught up on Switchback and looking for some other shows that hit on similar themes (aka, meaningful conversations and outdoor inspiration) follow @plugtoneaudio on Instagram and Spotify to check out the other shows involved with my podcast community. These are some incredibly insightful folks who I know you'll love as much as me. :)

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Catch you on the switchbacks! - Kelsee

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