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My Religious Deconstruction: How I Left The Church. Why. And Where I Am Now.

This isn't your typical deconstruction of faith story.

Kelsee wasn't raised particularly religious. Faith in the Christian god was something she leaned deeply into and eventually out of on her own.

Around 2018, at about the age of 24, Kelsee left Christianity. Heavily involved in the evangelical church, and a ministry leader, this was a major life transition that would be the catalyst for many other transformations in Kelsee's life.

While this is a part of her story that she shares openly, this is the first time she shares the whole story in detail publicly.

This episode is raw and unscripted, with the intent of sharing the before, during, and after of one person's religious deconstruction. Kelsee hopes that by hearing her story, listeners will know that they aren't alone in their deep questions of faith, and gain a few tips on how to navigate this kind of transition.

Although Kelsee no longer identifies with the christian religion, her intent is not to change anyone's mind, rather it is to give them permission to explore what feels true and authentic to themself and pursue a life of meaning.

As she says in this episode: Just like your physical health is YOUR physical health, and your mental health is YOUR mental health...Your spiritual health is YOUR spiritual health.

Kelsee has been considering creating a mini-course for how to navigate a faith transition. If this is something you'd find helpful, let us know!

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