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Nine Holistic Mental Health Life Hacks To Implement Today

Kelsee asked her Instagram community which podcast episode they wanted to hear next and this option won the most votes! No surprise, as folks are always asking for PRACTICAL and ACTIONABLE tips. This week, she is bringing you 9 holistic mental health hacks that you can implement today.

This episode covers: 1. Gut-Health 2. Routines and Rituals 3. Mindful Consumption (media and more) 4. Body Temperature 5. Hydration 6. Natural World Connectivity 7. Power of Opposite Energy 8. Habit Pairing 9. Human Connection

Tune in to this quick and practical episode to find out how you can support your mental health in a practical, holistic manner. Use this episode as a springboard to further research what might be most supportive for you.

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