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The Opposite of People-Pleasing Isn't Being a Bitch: You Don't Have To Be Rude To Be Respected

Kelsee asked her Instagram community which podcast episode they wanted to hear next and this option was the second-highest winner, after the practical episode #17.

In this episode Kelsee shares some untold stories of the misconceptions she held and the mistakes she made early on in her journey of overcoming people-pleasing. Topics include:

  • a people pleaser's tendency to miss out on their own experience while being consumed by concern for everyone else's experience

  • why you don't need to justify your needs

  • a common mistake newly recovered people pleasers make in communicating their boundaries

  • what a solo hike in Sedona, dinner with a male-friend, and joining a worker's union taught Kelsee about self advocacy.

  • the impact of power and gender in overcoming people-pleasing

  • the irony of the hidden people-pleasing that still occurs while many of us attempt not to people-please

  • invitation to enroll in Kelsee's online course, Boundaries for Abundance.

Tune in to this quick episode to set yourself up for relational success.

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