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Kelsee Keitel

Hi, I'm Kelsee!

I'm a mental health professional and outdoor enthusiast, obsessed with helping stuck individuals live more authentically, heal their mental health, and play outside more.


I’m a midwest gal who grabbed a 60 liter backpack, laced up her hiking boots, and turned a quarter-life crisis into a quarter-life come-back.


I teach you evidence-backed ways to overcome the beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back.


Not one for small talk…psychology, spirituality, and honest conversations about both the triumphs and tragedies of life are topics you can expect on this show. 

I'm a licensed educator, mental health coach, and nationally certified counselor, passionate about using the outdoors as a vehicle for healing mental health. 

I draw much of my inspiration for how to live from nature, and I am excited to share that with you through the Evergreen Thinking podcast!


Whether I'm running my counseling practice or taking the day off, you can usually find me playing outside. My activities of choice include: rock climbing, cycling and mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking, and I am currently learning how to swim as I train for my first triathlon.


Nothing brings me more joy than having meaningful conversations with others while moving our bodies outdoors. 


I love gas station hotdogs, and have a habit of listening to my favorite songs on repeat until I truly do not enjoy them anymore. 

To learn more about my counseling practice, coaching business, or to work with me professionally, you can visit my counseling website here:

Thanks for visiting the site and listening in- I'm stoked to connect with you! 

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