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Like what we're doing here and want to support these efforts? One way that you can support the Switchback mission of creating a more accessible outdoor community, is by donating to the show.


Donating via Patreon earns you special BONUS GIFTS for different tiers of monthly donations. Starting at just $5 per month, bonus gifts include advanced access to the show, stickers, resources, private community groups, mentorship programming & more! 


Donating via Anchor gives you the ability to make monthly donations for as little as .99 cents per month! 


With both platforms, your financial contribution helps us to keep creating quality content with stellar guests, and we just want to say THANK YOU for investing in something so meaningful.

Another way that you can buy-in to the Switchback Pod mission, is by supporting the businesses that are show partners. You can check out those partners, or become a partner yourself, by clicking the partners button below. 

Most importantly, if you're bought into the mission of creating a more accessible and welcoming outdoor community, take action. Be inclusive. Be kind. Reflect. Listen. Ask questions. Be open-minded. Share your story. Share the space. If you haven't yet, subscribe to receive the Switchback monthly newsletter (located in the website footer) with events and resources intended to help you expand your outdoor community.

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