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6 Mindsets That Are Leaving You Stuck - Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel

MTB Riding in Sedona, AZ 2021

Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel is a bonus segment of Switchback: An Outdoor Community Podcast.

In these shorter segments, I’ll be sharing a lot more about mental health- the bio, psycho-social issues that impact our daily lives, from my perspective as a mental health professional. My goal, like with the regular episodes, is to encourage you, challenge you to think deep, and reflect on your experiences.

In this episode, we'll be diving into the 6 self-sabotaging mindsets that are leaving you stuck and holding you back, including:

  • Scarcity Mindset

  • All or Nothing Mindset

  • Mind Reader Mindset

  • Prime Conditions Mindset

  • Hope-Down Mindset, and

  • No Nuance Mindset.

This episode will also cover where I've been, what it has meant to "walk my own talk," and why show production has slowed down a little bit.

Be sure to listen til the end, to learn more about Switchback's involvement with Plug Tone Audio (which will explain the new sound you heard at the start of the episode).

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For more information about working with me as a counselor in Indiana, contact me to set up your appointment at or learn more at and on Instagram at @hemlockcounselingservices

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Thanks for going the extra mile with me! Catch you on the switchbacks! - Kelsee

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