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My Mental Health Predictions for 2024

Ever wonder what's to come in the evolving world of mental health?

I'm kicking off the 2024 podcast season with an episode all about the trends that I'm expecting us to see (as both providers and consumers) regarding mental health and wellness.

I'm sharing my top 7 predictions for what we can expect to encounter in the mental health field in 2024. We're talking lifestyle choices, self-diagnosis, healing modalities, specific issues, cultural shifts, grassroots care, who is going to be enrolling in therapy and more!

This is totally anecdotal, based off of observations I’ve made in my work as a therapist, conversations I have with colleagues and fellows in the field, and just light research I’ve done through my own curiosity and media that I consume. 

I predict that in 2024 we will see in an increase in therapy enrollment for two key groups: Gen-X / Young-Boomers AND Gen-Z / Gen-Alpha children who show zero signs of mental illness (tune in to learn why and my spicy opinion on what these young folks might benefit from instead).

An increase in non-traditional modalities. While traditional talk therapy and empirically-backed treatments like CBT are still beneficial, they are no longer king. Folks will continue to seek somatic and nervous-system-based treatment more than ever, as well as complementary medicine and holistic methods at achieving mental wellness. 

Thanks to therapytok and instagram psycho-ed, we'll continue to see self-diagnosis (especially regarding neurodivergence) however many clinicians will begin to push back. I'm expecting the intersection of social media influencer and by-the-book clinician to experience tension, while the few in the center of that venn-diagram to really shine. 

Changes in both social media usage and recreational substance use. I'm sensing a new wave of the straight-ege era perhaps? 

The ideology of "make-more-work-less," find a passive income, and lax work-from-home culture that grew over the last 3 years will come to a head, as restless professionals begin to work more, work harder, and pursue loftier goals. (In the episode, I explain why from an evolutionary perspective). 

With the rise (and increased mainstream acceptance) of non-monogamy, partners and families will be seeking relational support at an increased rate. If you're a couple's counselor, you'll benefit from some CEUs regarding polyamory. 

Lastly, I feel in my bones that this is the year of niche support services. Gone are the generalized helpers. If someone is going to pay for support, they'll be seeking specialists for their specific ailments. (I believe the national and global political climate will contribute to this even more this year). 

I'm no psychic. But I am a curious observer. I had a lot of fun sharing these anecdotes with both providers and consumers in mind. Give the podcast a listen, (I'm REALLY excited about the content I have prepared for this year) and let me know: What are YOUR mental health predictions for 2024? 

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