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Episode 2 | Happy Tails and Happy Trails: Dog Safety and Etiquette on Trail

A few years ago I got bit by an off-leash dog while out on a trail-run. While the situation could have been much worse, it definitely increased my anxiety each time I passed a new dog on trail moving forward. As someone who’s always been nervous around large dogs, this was a huge discouragement. I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only person trying to navigate relationships with dogs on trail.

For owners trying their best, people who get awkward around dogs, and everyone in-between, I wanted to bring in a guest to help us make the outdoor spaces a little safer for both dogs and humans! So for Episode 2, meet Cora Minkis, Owner and Dog Trainer at Canine Connected.

Cora is a highly sought after dog trainer in Indianapolis, IN. She not only provides training programs for house dogs to have better manners and obedience, but also does bite-work, drug-detection, and other special skills for working dogs, including police and military units!

Whether you are a dog owner, dog lover, or dog-averse, learn how to better share the outdoor spaces with dogs in this expert interview.

In this jam-packed, practical episode, we'll discuss:

  • Dog and dog owner etiquette on hiking trails and outdoor spaces

  • How to have confidence when encountering an off-leash or stray dog (especially if you are afraid of dogs)

  • How to get started with training your pup

  • Manners humans should keep in mind when approaching another person's dog

  • What you need to know about training devices like leashes and collars, and why you shouldn't be purchasing these from a pet store.

Cora hosts free Pack Walks in the Indianapolis area, so be sure to follow @canine_connected to join the next one! To learn more about working with Cora through Canine Connected, visit

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode include:

Let us know what you (and your pup) thought about this episode!!

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Catch you on the switchbacks!


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