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How To Actually Believe in Yourself: You're Going At It All Backwards!

So your bookshelf is lined with personal development books. The pages are dog-eared and highlighted.

Your Spotify Wrapped proves hours of human-optimization podcasts (mixed with the occasional true-crime binge, and garnished with All Too Well, Taylor’s 10 minute version). You and Brené Brown are basically on a first name basis.

But this whole confidence thing still isn’t working out for you. The self-doubt is strong and you struggle to believe in yourself.

In this episode, I share a crucial hint to consider:

Belief isn’t developed cognitively; it’s developed experientially. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

No more clichés….this episode is all about ACTION. Tune in to learn how to learn the underrated key for actually developing belief in yourself.


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