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LIVE Coaching Session w/ Single Thirty-Something In Career Transition

Meet Lauren, who is an independent, thirty-something, experiencing some big life transitions including making some career and education shifts.

Lauren and I were high school classmates (and dance team and colorguard teammates actually!) but Lauren now lives in Florida, where she is a single mom 👩‍👦military veteran 🇺🇸 (thank you Lo!!!!), former body-building figure competitor 💪🏽, and all around one of the kindest people you'll meet 💕.

Lauren's episode is a prime example of what it looks like to work with me in more of a maintenance mode. She has been doing a TON of personal development and growth work, and at this stage, I really get to affirm and encourage her that she is still on the right path towards greatness.

You'll notice that through my questioning and comments, most of the wisdom here comes FROM Lauren TO Lauren. I am basically her professional hype woman (my favorite role to play in people's lives).

Some of the very relatable themes that we discussed include:

🌲what to do when your community changes

🌲or when people close to you don’t approve of all of your decisions

🌲how to lean into your own interests and resist people pleasing

🌲and how to navigate being a content independent single woman amongst a community and culture that insists we need a partner to be complete.

This episode is minimally edited, per usual, so that you can really get a feel for the cadence and real human stuttering and real-time contemplating that we’ll both experience as we work together in a coaching capacity.

If you enjoy this live coaching format of the podcast, check out episode 41 which is another coaching session with a small business owner, struggling with inspiration and execution in her biz.


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