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LIVE Coaching Session w/ Small Business Owner

It has been well over a year since we had a guest on the show and there was no better way to invite someone back in than for a live Mental Health Sprint Coaching session.

Sit in as a fly on the wall during my most popular coaching offering.

In this session you'll meet Sarah, who is a small, service-based biz owner in Indiana.

Sarah owns an operates Immersive Sound Experiences, where she offers sound bathing- a passive meditation practice that utilizes beautiful sounds from chimes and singing bowls to help participants ease into a calmer state, literally shifting your brain waves and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

While we’ve discussed business many times before as peers, this was our first time doing coaching together.

Listen in to see how we navigated challenges such as creativity blocks, financial instability in entrepreneurship, perfectionism, and social justice.

Per usual, this episode was minimally edited so that you could experience our grappling in real time, to see what it could be like to work with me!


If you are a resident of Indiana and are interested in hiring Kelsee as your therapist (virtually or in person in Indy) visit her website: To hire Kelsee as your mental health coach, nationwide, visit or connect with her on Instagram. To connect further with Kelsee, find her on instagram @kelseekeitel and @evergreenthinkingpod or visit the show's website: If you're all caught up on Evergreen Thinking and looking for some other shows that hit on similar themes (aka meaningful conversation and outdoor inspiration) follow @plugtoneaudio on Instagram and Spotify to check out the other shows involved with Kelsee's podcast community. You'll love these insightful, adventurous, and hilarious folks as much as we do.

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