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Riding Bikes and Unexpected Inner-Child Healing | Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel

Extra Miles with Kelsee Keitel is a bonus, solo segment of Switchback: An Outdoor Community Podcast. In these segments, I’ll be sharing more specifically about mental health- the bio-psycho-social issues that impact our daily lives, from my perspective as a humanistic mental health professional. My goal, like with the regular episodes, is to encourage you, challenge you to think deep, and reflect on your experiences.

This episode is an introduction to Inner-Child Work and an example of Inner-Child Healing in my own life! I'm sure you've heard of this concept on a podcast, TikTok, or from your favorite Instagram Therapist. Maybe you're into it or maybe you're skeptical! Wherever you are, I wanted to provide a simple introduction to what Inner Child Work is all about and how to incorporate this work into your everyday life- no therapist required.

Courtney's bike, that was my gateway into loving cycling!

I've experienced many forms of this work in my life, but the most recent example has come through my history of riding bikes. Get ready for some embarrassing, never-before-shared stories from throughout my childhood and early adulthood. I hope you'll see through this example that inner child work doesn't *have* to be clinical and serious. And you don't have to have a history of trauma to benefit from this work. Inner Child Work can be organic, fun, and highly intuitive.

In this episode I refer to my 33 journaling prompt download, which you can access by Subscribing To My Newsletter . You can learn more about journaling in general by listening to This Episode.

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Catch you on the switchbacks! - Kelsee

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