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Twenty-Nine Lessons I Learned in My Twenties

I turned 30 years old on Oct 6 and am STOKED for this new decade.

In true kelsee-fashion, I've reflected a lot on the various lessons I've learned and gifts I've received in my 20s.

In this episode I briefly shared 29 lessons I learned by the time I turned 30. We're talking life, love, business, family, friendship, and so much more.

Whether you are still in your twenties or reminiscing on those times, I think you'll find something of value in this episode. You may see yourself in some of my stories or take a sweet reminder of a lesson you've learned yourself.

OR maybe I'll save you some time by sharing a new lesson with you too :)

I dropped a pretty good hint about a new program I’ll be launching in 2024, which will be a huge game changer!

Here are some photos from my bday celebration!


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